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Posted By: Giac
22-May-03 - 11:22 PM
Thread Name: Cheap fiddle, so what
Subject: RE: Cheap fiddle, so what
So what, indeed. I have a so-called student fiddle that I got new for $65US. It has a horrid finish. It's relatively hard for me to tune -- have to spit on the pegs. When I try to play it, the sound that comes out sends my dogs running and neighbor dogs to howlin'. The sound is not unlike a screech owl being eaten by a panther with it's tail in a vise.

HOWEVER, when a fiddling friend picked it up once, it made the sweetest sounds. He said, it "played good," and in his hands it surely did.

You know, I LOVE that fiddle. I've put in a lot of hours trying to play it, and the attempts bring me untold pleasure. It humors me and doesn't explode when I push and pull the frizzy hair across the strings. I think the poor thing knows I'm trying my best and it tries its best to accomodate me. When I can't fool with it anymore, I'll give it to some kid who wants to learn.

If you like that fiddle, fix its immediate problems and play on!