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Posted By: Angus McSweeney
16-Jul-99 - 08:52 AM
Thread Name: Lyr req/ADD: Songs by Donovan
Subject: RE: Songs by Donovan
Thank you one and all - I appreciate the input. I'd like to go back and comment on all your replys - but thanks for the links, thanks for the tips, I agree that Donovan's first two albums were full of traditional folk (and hearing Donovan sing "Remember the Alamo" is truly an intergallactic cross-cultural event if there ever was one). And John in Brisbane, I'm intrigued... I'll try to teach this 49 year old mind something new (and completely different) so that I can translate your contribution. Katlaughing, you have me out looking for "Sutras" today...Thank you one and all...anyone else care to share?_