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Posted By: Hillheader
24-May-03 - 05:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: Stakeknife - Is He?
Subject: RE: BS: Stakeknife - Is He?
I found it difficult to believe that a man of Italian extraction could have risen so high in PIRA, until I remembered plain John Stevenson and Englishman if my memory is correct from Tyneside. He became Sean MacStebhan (forgive the spelling guys) and rose to high office in the Official IRA pre-1970.

However, there is a cynical side of me which suggests that the whole thing whiffs of MI5/6 attempts to confuse/appease. On the one hand we have the enquiry which concludes that there was collusion with the Loyalist para-militaries in the killing of nationalist. So how convenient if it now becomes known that the same guys were also turning a blind eye and assisting in the killing of loyalists!

Also Trimble continues to express concerns about the intelligent gathering activities of PIRA. But hey, don't worry Davie lad, we had a man on the inside all along and we knew what they we up to!!!

Far fetched...not in North Ireland perhaps.