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Posted By: Hillheader
24-May-03 - 04:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Stakeknife - Is He?
Subject: RE: BS: Stakeknife - Is He?
Ard Mhacha

I know the current feud and that it is really a gangster turf war and not about loyalist idealism. Is was imported to Scotland recent when Johnny Adair's family fled Belfast. Their "safe house" in Bolton was fire on earlier this month so the problem there is far from over.

However, the theory being put forward is that Stakeknive had knowledge of some of the IRA hits on Loyalists. He then passed this on to his handlers who took no action to preserve his cover! All this while feeding loyalist death squads details of nationalist targets.

As I said, all this is much too convenient. I mean, how could we possibly have elections with all this mistrust???

Am I being too cynical? or just realistic?