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Posted By: NicoleC
25-May-03 - 03:22 PM
Thread Name: Cheap fiddle, so what
Subject: RE: Cheap fiddle, so what

If the shop you purchased from is being cooperative, then as then if you can ship it back to have it properly set up this time, instead of replacing it all. If you like the fiddle itself, hang on to it. Stuff like bridges and tailpieces come and go.

There are a very few bargain cheap fiddles out there. The vast majority are junk, but who wants to spend $600-$1000 for a higher level violin (which still isn't going to be that great) to find out if you want to play? The cheap Chinese violins, unfortunately, tend to need a lot of work before they sound decent. New strings instead of chep factory strings and a soundpost adjustment can make a huge difference between a screecher and a decent cheap instrument. A better bow can make a big difference and will be easier to play, too -- just keep your eyes open for something to land in your lap, and you may luck out.

If you can find a good luthier, they will be able to help you decide which adjustments are worth doing and which are not. Alternately, if you get a good teacher, s/he should be able to help in that department and do minor adjustments for you.

Ironically, my "upgrade" from my student outfit cost less than the student model and is 50x the instrument. When you are a bit more knowledgeable and are ready to upgrade, you won't necessarily need to spend a fortune then, either.