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Posted By: Geoff the Duck
26-May-03 - 01:54 PM
Thread Name: Learning First Instrument
Subject: RE: Learning First Instrument
For sight reading, I would recommend that you find exercises which contain scales and arpeggios (in the keys you are likely to need to play), as these allow you to position in your mind the notes you will wish to play within tunes. Running up and down a scale is always a good warm up anyway!
Also select a handful of straightforward tunes which you actually like - there is nothing more likely to make you give up than wasting time and effort trying to learn tunes you dislike. Also in a similar vein, tryng to learn material which does not interest you does NOTHING to help you keep up an enthusiasm.
As for amount of time spent per day/week/etc. You can sometimes learn more in a "good" 10 minutes than in a week of "poor" half hours of practice.
Some days concentrate on trying to get the right notes (ignore the timing). Other days try to play to correct timing, but don't worry if the notes are not the ones you should have hit. Eventually they will both start to come out right together.
Some times take a small section ( a couple of bars) from a tune and hammer it to death like a terrier with a rat. Other times just play whatever takes your fancy - it breaks the monotony.

In all - there is no ONE WAY to learn an instrument. Some things work better for one person than another. If one strategy isn't working - perhaps you should try a different one. The main thing is to remember that if what you are trying to practice is NOT what you want to play, you are likely to fail at the first hurdle.
I hope this make sense to you.