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Posted By: GUEST,Johnny in OKC
26-May-03 - 09:22 PM
Thread Name: Learning First Instrument
Subject: RE: Learning First Instrument
Picture this scene. Customer enters music store,
makes polite conversation with shopkeeper. Then:

Customer (leaning forward): Say, you wouldn't have
anybody here who teaches (whisper).
Shopkeeper: Teaches what?
Customer: (whisper)
Shopkeeper: You're kidding! (gales of laughter)
Hey, Ernie! (to back room) There's a guy out here
who wants to learn XXXXXXX!
Back Room: (uproarious laughter)
Customer: (edging toward door) Ah -- never mind.

Okay, forget the guitar store creeps. What did you
expect? Their business is selling electric guitars and
drum kits to teen agers. What do they know about music?

MUDCAT on the other hand has experts in every
musical instrument on earth, plus a few from outer
space a lot weirder than whatever it is you want.
You came to the right place, so ask.

Having started with singing, you are on the best track.
Singing is the real music, the original music. You
already know most of what you need.

Let's assume you want an instrumental accompaniment
for your singing. Start with the songs you already
sing, and you'll have a ready made repertoire. Use
your instrument for rhythm & chords, and sing the

Refer to Geoff the Duck and Willie-O, good advice.

How is your sight-singing? If it needs work, most
community colleges have "musicianship" classes to
work up your sight-singing. Use what you learn to
sight-read the melodies on your instrument. You are
going to be fine!

Johnny in OKC