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Posted By: treewind
27-May-03 - 08:22 AM
Thread Name: Learning First Instrument
Subject: RE: Learning First Instrument
Compared with fiddles, guitars, keyboards and anything you'd find in an orchestra, concertinas are pretty rare. There aren't many players, so there aren't many teachers. Also, since there doesn't seem to be much of a tradition of teaching, most players (like myself) are self-taught.

I have been approached about teaching (melodeon too) but I hate teaching - not perhaps so much with someone who really wants to learn, but evne so, being self taught always gives me the feeling that I still don't really know what I'm doing (even after 25 years) and might be passing on bad habits.

I have to say, though, that I heartily commend Geoff the Duck's advice. I couldn't have put it better myself.

And, original poster, if you want any specific help with the Anglo PM me or email and I'll try - or follow up in this thread so any other anglo players can join in and maybe we'll all learn something.

What sort of Anglo is it - how many rows, how many buttons, what keys?
Are you interested in Irish style (single line melody, using the left hand a lot) or what might be called 'morris style' - tune on the right, chords on the left, or song accompaniment, which can and should be done lots of different ways?