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Posted By: MMario
27-May-03 - 10:56 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: The Idiot (Stan Rogers)
Subject: RE: Tune Req: The Idiot (Stan Rogers)
T:The Idiot
C:Stan Rogers
N:'Songs from Fogarty's Cove'
"^Verse:"z6(D E)|F2A2A2F2|E2E2F2A, A,|B,2D2D2B,2|
w:I_ of-ten take these night shift walks when the fore-man's not a
B,4z3A,|B,2D2D2D B,|A,2D2D2E2|F2(A G) (G/2 A/2 G) F2|
w:-round I turn my back on the cool-ing stacks and make for_ o__-pen
E4z2E2|F2A2A2(G F)|E2E2F2A, A,|B,2D2D2B,2|
w:ground Far out be-yond the_ tank-farm fence where the gas flare makes no
B,4z2D C|B,2D2D2C B,|A,2D2D2F2|(F G) (A F) (G F) E2|
w:sound I for-get the stink and I al-ways think back to_ that_ East_-ern
D4"^Chorus:"z2B B|B2B2(B/2 c/2 B) A G|
w:town. So I bid fare-well__ to the
A2A2A2(G A)|(F E) D2D2F2|F4z2D2|B2B2B2A G|
w:east-ern town I_ ne_-ver more will see But work I must so I
A2A2A2G2|F2D G- G2(F/2 G/2 F)|E4z2A G|F2(G A) A2G F|
w:eat the dust and breath re-fin_-er__-y, Oh I miss the_ green and the
E2E2F2A, A,|B,2D2D2(C B,)|B,4z2D C|B,2D D D2(C B,)|
w:woods and streams and I don't like cow-boy_ clothes But I like be-ing free and_
A,2D2D2zG|F G A2(F/2 G/2 F) E2|D4z2z2
w:that makes me an id-i-ot I__ sup-pose.