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Posted By: The O'Meara
27-May-03 - 12:22 PM
Thread Name: What do ranchers raise?
Subject: What do ranchers raise?
I love western and "cowboy" music and I've lived in "Cowboy Country", (Texas, Wyoming, Colorado)for a good part of my life, and there is a question that has bothered me for many years: what are those things that ranchers raise and sell? I've asked some friends who are ranchers and they generaly answer "cows." But "cow" and "bull" refer to the sex of the animal, like cow and bull elephants, cow and bull elk, etc. Ranchers raise cow and bull...cows? There ain't no such thing as a bull cow. (OK,maybe in San Francisco it's different. But I mean the animals.)
    "Bovine" means "cowlike" so a cow bovine means a cowlike cow and a bull bovine means (see reference to S.F. above.) "Hereford" and "Charolias" and "Angus" refer to breeds of whatever they are. "Cattle" means a whole buch of...what? Cats?