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Posted By: MMario
27-May-03 - 03:45 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Fisherman's Wharf (Stan Rogers)
Subject: Tune Add: Fisherman's Wharf (Stan Rogers)
T:Fisherman's Wharf
C:Stan Rogers
N:'Songs from Fogarty's Cove'
z6C B,|A,2G2A2A2|G E A2-A2E2|D2C2D C E2-|
w:It was in the spring this year of grace_ with new life push-ing through_
E4z2D ^D|E2D D D C C (D|E2)D C C C C (C|
w:That I looked from the Ci-ta-del down_ to the nar-rows and asked_
B,2)B, B, G, G, A,-|A,2z2zG, G,2|A,2A A A2G2|
w:what it's com-ing to_ I saw Up-per Ca-na-dian
G2G E A2E2|D2C C C A, D2|D2z2z2D2|
w:con-crete and glass right down to the wa-ter line And I
D D D2D2E D|C B, A,2A,2A, B,|C B, A,2G,2A,2|
w:heard an old song down on Fish-er-man's Wharf Can I sing it just one time?
"^chorus"z4z2A, B,|C B, A,2G,2A,2|z4z2G2|
w:Can I sing it just one time? Then
A3A A2G A-|A2c B- B3A-|A G2G G2E2|(G A) z2z2(D E)|
w:haul a-way and heave_ her home._ This_ song is heard no more_ No_
E3D D C C2-|C2z2z2(D E)|(E D2)D D C C2-|C2z2z2G2|
w:boats to sing it for._ No_ sails_ to sing it for_ There
A3A A2A A-|A2c (c d2)zA|G G3G E (G A-)|
w:ri-ses now a sin_-gle tide_ of tour-ists pass-ing through__
A2z2zA, A, C|E2D2-D2D C|C4z4|E2D2-D2D C|
w:We trad-ed old ways_ for the new. Old ways_ for the
C4z4|E2D2-D2D C|C4z2A, C|D8-|D8
w:new Old ways_ for the new. For the new_