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Posted By: a gud ole bwoy
28-May-03 - 03:58 AM
Thread Name: Living Tradition and the Revival
Subject: RE: Living Tradition and the Revival
If yu wanst to know everythin the is tu know about the tradition then why dunt yu ask them whats still around. 'Cos there is sum of em yu know. Down in amogst them twisty lanes of Suffolk, there's a few of them gud ole bwoys still a singing, and gells for that matter.Bill Dalby, Jack Tarling and Beryl frum Colchester fur a start. There's folks what have researched it an all, like Katie Howson and Rod Stradling but they went there from sumwhere else. The one I cun think of what lived there all his life and new em all is Neil Lanham. I could ask im if eed let yu write to im about it if yu want.
Mind you i dunt think them ole bwoys worries much as tu whether their traditional or not they just gus of out and entertains folks just like they alwus did.
I rekon like what wus said afore that it's aright old complicated goin on and in writin it down and fathoming it out your likely to end up with aright old headache.
Well i betta goo und get on