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Posted By: katlaughing
28-May-03 - 04:25 AM
Thread Name: What do ranchers raise?
Subject: RE: What do ranchers raise?
LOL...draft oxen indeed!

John, you said, Note that the "Cattleman's Associations" (and in some places the "Cattlemen's Club(s)") weren't places where the cowboys, or other "hired hands" would usually feel comfortable or be welcome.

In my great-grandfather's time, in Colorado, that was not true. He was one of the early members of the Colorado Cattleman's Assoc., went to big shindigs in Denver and all and was a real, honest-to-goodness cowboy as well as cattle rancher with an early homestead. I have a Denver POST with a picture of him and other bigwigs of the CCA superimposed on the back of a steer with a short article about their annual meeting. Sure, the non landowning cowboy might not have felt comfortable there, but those who were members were very much still cowboys.

I also have a copy of a paper for which his son, my grandfather, wrote a cattleman's account of a run-in with some sheepherders. I find it interesting to note that he makes a distinction between the "hired guns" of the Utah based big sheepherd owners/companies and the local sheep-ranchers with whom he and his fellow ranchers had no quarrel.