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Posted By: MMario
28-May-03 - 08:55 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Wreck of the Athens Queen (Stan Rogers)
Subject: Tune Add: Wreck of the Athens Queen (Stan Rogers)
T:The Wreck of the Athens Queen
C:Stan Rogers
N:'Songs from Fogarty's Cove'
z6C C|C3E G2F2|E D3C2D2|E2C2A,2G, C-|
w:We were drink-ing down to Read-y's house, When first we heard the blow._
C4z2c2|c3d e2d2|c B3A2G2|A2G2E2G A-|
w:It seemed to come from Rip-per Rock So bold-ly forth we go_
A4z2c2|c3d e2d2|c2B2A2G2|A2G2E2G2|
w:And sure e-nough a rust-y tub Could just be bare-ly
A4c3c|A2G2E2G G-|G2E C- C2D2|E2A,2A, G,3|
w:seen As her stern was high up in_ the air_ We made out A-thens
A,4A3A|G2E2(D C) B,2|C4z4|z8|z8
w:Queen Oh the Love-ly A_-thens Queen