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Posted By: Roger the Skiffler
28-May-03 - 09:16 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 92
Subject: Song Challenge 92
Áine kindly suggested I develop this idea into the next song challenge. I'll leave the judging in her capable hands but here is the topic:
Suburban Blues.
As I have mentioned in other threads, we are all familiar with the Country Blues and the Urban Blues but the lesser known genre of the Suburban Blues is a growing phenomenon in the counties around London. Every warm evening (ie about twice a year) you can see them in their pinstriped Armani dungarees sitting on their Ikea rocking chairs on their B & Q decks playing their Applause guitars from Argos and singing the blues about the real problems in their lives: the cost of school fees, their golf handicap or the drop of values on the London Stock Exchange.
There are legendary figures like Bifocal Bob and Weightwatcher Jones. (for an example of the genre see my thread on Woking Man Blues at:
This is clearly not confined to the UK as I have seen a New
Yorker cartoon with a picture of a guitarist saying to the audience: "and the next blues is about the 3.57 to Clarksdale, and how it's often late...and sometimes crowded."

I feel you all have examples of Suburban Blues you'd like to share with us.