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Posted By: MMario
28-May-03 - 10:01 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Make and Break Harbour (Stan Rogers)
Subject: Tune Add: Make and Break Harbour (Stan Rogers)
T:Make and Break Harbour
C:Stan Rogers
N:'Songs from Fogarty's Bay'
z4F,2|A,2D2D D-|D2z2F E|D2C D E2-|
w:How still lies the bay_ in the light west-ern airs_
E2z2E2|G4F E|D2E2D (C/2 B,/2|A,2)A,2z2|z4A2|
w:Which blow from the crim-son hor-i__-zon Once
A3F D2|F2z2F F|G2E2D C-|C2z2A, A,|
w:more we tack home with a dry emp-ty hold_ Sav-ing
B,2z2D D|D C3(D E)|E6|z4A, A,|
w:gas with the breez-es so_ fair She's a
A,2D2D D-|D2F E3|D3C D2|E2z2F F|
w:kind-ly Cape Is_-land-er, old, but still sound But so
G4F E|D2E2D2| (3(CB,A,) A,2z2|z4A A|
w:lost in the long lin-er's sha__-dow Make and
A3F D2|F2z2zF/2 F/2|G E3D (C|B,2)z2F, G,|
w:break, and make do, but the fish are so few_ That she
A,2C2E B,-|B,2z2B, B,|A, D- D2"^chorus"z2|
w:won't be re-placed_ should she foun-der_
z4A2|B2B A3|c2B2A A-|A3F2D|
w:In Make and Break Har-bour the boats_ are so
F2z2F2|F F3zB|F2E2zD|D B,3z2|
w:few Too ma-ny are pulled up and rot-ten
z4A,2|A,2D D3|D A, z2F2|F2(E D2)D|
w:Most hous-es stand emp-ty, old nets hung_ to
G,2z3G,|A, C (D E) z2|G,2z2G, G,|A, D3z2|z8
w:dry Are blown a-way,_ lost and for-got-ten