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28-May-03 - 02:17 PM
Thread Name: What do ranchers raise?
Subject: RE: What do ranchers raise?
O'Meara, you are singing the right song, except that cattle cannot be modified into oxen, which are a different animal. So there are male and female oxen and the normal things can happen.
Oxen are a hobby animal here, used to pull a 'pioneer' wagon in parades or sometimes in weight-pulling demonstrations. In Canada, I believe contests in load-pulling have been abandoned.

For a glossary of western lingo on line, see Cowboys-Vaqueros: Vaquero Cowboy Lingo
Index to this great little book by Gilbert y Chavez at: Cowboys Vaqueros

Or get "Western Words, A Dictionary of the Range, Cow Camp and Trail," by Ramon F. Adams, University of Oklahoma Press. Lots of information here, not all of it in agreement with Gilbert y Chavez.