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Posted By: open mike
28-May-03 - 04:20 PM
Thread Name: What do ranchers raise?
Subject: RE: What do ranchers raise?
One comment was made about the horns of cattle.
{a cow is any bovine with horns (even if cropped)
and a contrary nature.}
they are not always cut (or burned) off
Polled cattle are bred to not have horns.
A heifer is a "virgin" or young cow (female)
who has not yet given birth or been bred.
(or given milk)
Some people confuse the term heifer with the
term Hereford, which describes a breed-the
ones which are brownish red with white heads.
If they are crossed with angus, they are black
with white faces.
Then there are Hog Ranches, too, at least at
the Strawberry music festival there is a hog ranch
road, and a radio station namedc after it called
Hog Ranch Radio.
Pigs, a.k.a swine come in these different flavors:
Barrows, sows and guilts (spelling?)
meaning adult ("intact") males, females and "fixed"
or "Spayed" males (terms usually only used for cats and dogs)
I remember hearing these terms on the morning stock reports
on the radio.
We also have a Hog Ranch Road in the area where i live.