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Posted By: Bardford
28-May-03 - 04:24 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 92
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 92
I wanna call you, baby
I just can't call you right now
Said I wanna call you woman,
Just can't right now.

I tell you something baby
Something's got to change
I tell you something honey
I got to make a change
Got no quarter in my pocket
And my cell phone's outta range

Tried to e-mail you from my hand held
But baby I could not connect to my provider
Said I tried to e-mail you one time
Could not log on to my provider
I'm tryin' to hook up with you, woman,
Wish my wireless range was wider.

I wanna call you, woman
I just can't get through right now
I truly need to call you baby
I can't get through to you right now
My cell phone needs recharging
And my Palm Pilot it don't work nohow.