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30-May-03 - 05:55 AM
Thread Name: 24 Hole Harmonicas Wanted
I am interested to know if it is possible to obtain relatively inexpensive diatonic harmonicas, preferably 24 hole, ie 3 octave, or at least with as many holes as possible.

I already have two such 24 hole models, one in the key of C and one in D. The former is a Chinese made "Hero" and the latter by the famous Hohner; however I have to say that I much prefer the former as the latter has several rather sticky reeds in among some of the lower notes. One's lips also seem to glide faster along the Chinese model for some reason.

I would be particularly interested in ones in the keys of G, A, E, B, C#, and F# if available. I live in the UK but would be prepared to order from the USA, etc, if the carriage costs were not too excessive.

As to prices, I am talking roughly about in the range of £10-£20 Sterling ($16-$32).

Any help anyone could give me would be much appreciated; even second hand would be considered.