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Posted By: Rick Fielding
31-May-03 - 11:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: A Surprise Phone-Call From Seamus!
Subject: BS: A Surprise Phone-Call From Seamus!
What an amazing thing this Mudcat is. It's 'The Masons' with's The Lions Club or The Rotary, or The Shriners, without the funny hats or little cars.

I'm being silly, but the similarities to those respectable "Civilian" organisations and service clubs has long been obvious to's a Network, This Mudcat of ours. For me, it started over four years ago with Sandy Paton saying "check this out, they're talking traditional folk-music at the site".

The connections and relationships are amazing.....but so completely LOGICAL!

An hour ago I got a phone call from Seamus Kennedy, just ringing to say 'hello and get well'......and of course we talked for two hours....Shit, we literally know HUNDREDS of the same people, from up and coming song-writers like Coburg's Aengus Finnan, to grizzled veterans like Dennis Ryan. (by the way Dennis, it's been 40 years, I want my C whistle back!) Great to hear from you Seamus, and I hope we can hook up when you get to Buffalo!

Mudcat Marion's embarking on a 'cross-America' tour, and does anyone doubt she'll have anything but a great time staying with all her Mudcat contacts.....Bill Sables sure broke THAT ground.

Anyway....just remarking once again what an amazing twist all our lives took when we first dialed in. many of us could have even IMAGINED a 'Catspaw'!!??