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Posted By: UB Ed
05-Jun-03 - 06:51 PM
Thread Name: The Mudcat is Back
Subject: RE: The Mudcat is Back
I cannot believe what an empty feeling I experienced when I clicked onto the 'cat and it was gone! And I got the "funding" message. And even though it said it's be back on the 10th, I kept checking each day to feed my denial and here its back! And money wasn't the issue (any more than usual).

Although a rare poster anymore, it certainly made me appreciate the resource and ability to pop in, check out the music threads, learn stuff and pop back out.

It made me sad to think this was a financial outage and I did nothing to help.

I know in the past, we've had financial issues and the community has come through. But is occurs to me, perhaps a more constant reminder of the need for donations to keep this thing running. How would it be if there was a simple note at the top where we could be reminded each day of the not-for-profit nature of this forum and the need to feed it? I know that wouls be helpful to me.

Max, I hope your move was blessedly uneventful.