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Posted By: GUEST,Larry Kaufman
06-Jun-03 - 08:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: American jokes
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This is a true story I heard told by Tim Russet when he was a guest on the Imus show.   Tim Russert was interviewing Tony Blair on Meet the Press.   During the commercial break, Blair asks if he can get a cup of tea.    An aid brings Blair his tea.   Blair comments that Amercians do so many things so well, but the one thing they cannot do is make a good cup of tea.   Without missing a beat, Russert comments that is because all the good tea is at the bottom of Boston harbor.

Another response I like is from Colon Powell.   We was on a show with the Iraq ambassador (before the war).   The Iraq ambassador asked Powell to respond to a poll that said that 87% of Americans could not find Iraq on a map.   Powell responded that the other 13% were marines and they exactly where Iraq was.

Joke time:   Three jewish woman- Beryl, Cheryl, and Shmeryl decide to move to Texas.   They agree that they must change to American sounding names if they are going to live in Texas.   Beryl says that she will change her name to Buck.   Cheryl says that she will change her name to Chuck.   Shmeryl says she is not moving.