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Posted By: Gurney
07-Jun-03 - 04:20 AM
Thread Name: 'little' songs
Subject: RE: 'little' songs
Abby Sale, if you haven't digitised your personal songbook, that is the most selfless post I've seen, and if you have, it is very nice of you indeed.
Emily, if you can get hold of some tapes of England's Mike Harding, particularly his television shows from the 70-80s, he had some very funny collations of short songs, including, from memory:

Outside a Lunatic Asylum, I was breaking stones,
when a lunatic popped up his head, said, "Good morning Mr. Jones.
How much d'you get for doing that?" "Four quid a week" I cried.
Well, he shook his hair, and nodded his head, and this to me replied:
"Come inside, you silly bugger, come inside!
I thought you'd have a bit more sense!
Working for a living? Take my tip!
Act bloody silly and become a lunatic.
You get your meals quite regular, and a brand new suit besides.
Four kids to keep, on four quid a week?
Come inside, you silly bugger, come inside."