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Posted By: Jeri
07-Jun-03 - 08:54 AM
Thread Name: Folk Music Dying?
Subject: RE: Folk Music Dying?
Animaterra, I would LOVE to disguise myself as a kid and sneak into your class!

I didn't learn songs in school because they didn't teach us the songs. We didn't have any classes like yours. The emphasis was on learning about music, not learning music. I was in the school choir and learned songs there, but that was extra-curricular.

As a result of this, some kids got lucky if they learned songs and sang OUTSIDE of the classroom. Other kids listened to the radio and records and learned songs from them, and were perhaps oblivious to the fact that a person didn't have to sound like those artists to sing in public.

My main point is that music and folk music formal education has always been hit or miss because of the degree the people who make decisions about curriculum care about music. Some school systems are good when it comes to music, some aren't, and some schools within any system are better than others. There isn't any way I can think of to make sure every kid gets the same education unless we can clone you and teachers like you!

Jeri, wondering what sort of disguise I'd need to fool you into thinking I'm just a funny-looking 'new kid'.