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Posted By: GUEST,sorefingers
07-Jun-03 - 03:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: Should UK join the Euro ?
Subject: RE: BS: Should UK join the Euro ?
The news that there will be a (:uro referendum is a diversion from the very real and enormous - for the UK at least - changes that could result in a Constitutional Treaty for all of Europe being endorsed in the UK by referendum.

If passed -then the EU would begin to do it's thing unimpeded by the naysayers, orif rejected then the rest of the EU would get on with their Federal program - btw this was squished by Bush and his friends in the UK Tories not excluded -.

It looked like a win win situation for the antiEU lobby until last week when oppositiona and backbenchers began asking irritating questions like - where are the WMDs?

The currency is but a very small part of this Global realignment and the US is learning the bitter lessons that Rome once had to; that you can't make people 'free' if they don't want that, you can't force your reality on them while stealing their country - the UK knows all about that one see Ireland for more data - , and you are simply wasting your time thinking superior technology wins every battle - see Adolp Hitler or Nalpolean for more data.

So while in the USA the Repulicons are chanting 'Hail Seizer' the Labor lobby in the UK sing 'Jail the seizers'