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Posted By: GUEST,sorefingers
08-Jun-03 - 01:18 PM
Thread Name: Folk Music Dying?
Subject: RE: Folk Music Dying?
The difference is this; time.

Anyway the issue is not *just* about the Folksongs that people know or are *supposed to know* - what am I saying there ... - kinderfolksang ohh yeah ... I don't thunk soo...

It is a small part of something far far larger. Popular consciousness if that means what I want it too Oh well, the internet not only removed the need for the Printing Press, it removed the benfits for some parts of society as well. Just one example, I am certain I could find many more, it shows why these are indeed times for radical rethinking of everything from A to Z. It is a time when English Folk Song according to Child could be just one of many accounts all differing about lots of things, including origin etc.

But just for the sake of entertaining a thought that perhaps somebody knows what is going on, I hold on to the erroneous belief that perhaps local ain't that bad, I mean what is so wrong with only knowing the songs sung in my part of Town, say nuttin about ther rest of the County much less the Country or even the World! Mali is great in Mali!

Keep it.

So world access does not mean worldfolk on the contrary the technology
is providing the reverse!

If anything else the lack of knowledge of (Corporate)Folksong is a good thing, it means the Hillbillies can get back to hoes and mules, that folks can be folks again, no haw no heee no shit...