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Posted By: Banjer
18-Jul-99 - 06:15 AM
Thread Name: Our sense of humour? B/S
Subject: RE: Our sense of humour? B/S
Mr. Seed, Thank you for coming to the aid of Catspaw and myself. You do say the kindest things and I thank you, and I'm sure my learned compadre, Mr. C'paw will do likewise.

Humor, like beauty, is in the eye or ear of the beholder. I enjoy a broad range of humor, and if I choose to have a laugh at my own expense, then that is my perogative. I enjoy several of the "Brit-coms" on the BBC in America channel. I am also familiar with the Dry Branch Fire Squad. Homer and Jethro had some of the better routines that I've heard. Let us not forget Abbot and Costello, particularly their "Who's On First" routine.

Humor, like religion, is a personal thing, I think. It provides for many an outlet from the daily pressures and burdens, and however an individual chooses to express or receive it should be left up to him.

Mr. Shambles, I respect your opinions, and those of others on this thread and I hope that this epistle will in some way help explain my position on this subject.

To sum it all up, or put it in a nutshell, as it were, I'll at whatever I think is FUNNY!!