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09-Jun-03 - 01:02 PM
Thread Name: Living Tradition and the Revival
Subject: RE: Living Tradition and the Revival
Guest Frankham - yeah, I probably didn't state that the best I could. Rinzler & Seeger knew musicians needed to be paid (Rinzler, as you know, became Bill Monroe's manager for a while, and also helped Doc get on the road), it was the casual Washington Square masses that thought music should be free. After all it was also the era of free love! :)

My point is that the traditional southern musicians used their music as a way to make a living, just like they'd use a sawmill or a mule and plow - if they could they did. So some of the earlier discussion about the philosophical differences between ladies singing in a pub or a concert performer appearing on stage would have meant little to them.

The other element I'm starting to become aware of as I read and listen and see materials on old time performers, like Uncle Dave Macon, is that they were indeed entertainers. Not just conveyors of song, but singin' dancin' fools! To draw a crowd they knew how to put on a show. What parts of this were traditional, or from other genres, like minstrel, vaudeville, etc. would be interesting to find out.