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Posted By: catspaw49
18-Jul-99 - 01:03 PM
Thread Name: Our sense of humour? B/S
Subject: RE: Our sense of humour? B/S
No, actually I'm cracking up and you are enjoying the scenery going past as I approach complete lunacy....."Look up ahead.......that signpost on the right.......Lunacy.........He's just crossed over into..........."

I would echo Banj's comments here, but the echoing resonance from inside his head makes for too much repetition as it is. I asked him if the reverb bothered him and he said he could repeatedly conjugate anything and he had the police record to prove it. I dunno'...........

Look people, I love you all but I don't know how to stop a lifelong romance with total irreverence. I do honestly try to stay away from new members so they can at least get a whiff of me elsewhere and are able to discern whether or not I'm suitable reading. Everyone has that option......including me. I don't think you'll find any cruelty in my humor, but again that too is in the ear of the beholder. And Chet, I hope you don't believe that Cletus and friends are a parody of southerners. They are in fact composites of very real people who are basically fine folks, but have missed out and fallen through the cracks. America may offer great opportunity, but we also are able to give the back of our hand with equal capacity.

........and thank you too 'seed, for your kind comments. You are, of course, quite wrong about both of us, but thanks anyway.