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Posted By: Peter T.
18-Jul-99 - 01:12 PM
Thread Name: Farewell to/Slan le Mudcat
Subject: RE: Farewell to/Slán le Mudcat
Martin, if you go, I will miss you, and your contributions over the years.
Please reconsider. You are being provoked into abandoning this fragile, mostly decent place. When places like these are abandoned, the vacuum is then filled by people with armalite rifles and explosives, who go by all sorts of names and under all sorts of flags, who shift into the rhetoric of blood, parse out the details of betrayal, and speak most freely of freedom and of life. Their real name is Death.
It is hard to recognise this, to stare down Death in the face, since when we look closely we can sometimes catch a glimpse of ourselves grinning back -- but it is worth doing, in this not very significant place, just a Website after all, but it is a place of more decent people than many, many places, and here can become elsewhere sickeningly fast. Stay.
yours, Peter T.