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Posted By: JohnInKansas
09-Jun-03 - 07:05 PM
Thread Name: Tech- Scan multiple pages to one file?
Subject: RE: BS: Tech- Scan multiple pages to one file?
Kat -

One of my scanner programs prefers to put multipage scans all into a single file. The only problem with that is that it is the only program I have that can read the multi-page TIF it creates.

I generally use TextBridge for most text scanning on small jobs where I want OCR to convert to a real "text" file; and scan direct from Word. It gives you an "add page" button, so you can scan as many pages as you want before you turn it loose on the OCR conversion. (TextBridge has the best OCR I've found, but for larger jobs I usually scan to individual images and convert them one or two pages at a time - because of the heavy editing needed to get clean text.)

For things that I intend to leave as graphics, I usually do an "import TWAIN" from Photoshop Elements, and if you do a "preview" before you scan each page, it will keep all the previous pages so that you can save them each as separate files after you close the scanning program. If you save them in a format compatible with Word, you can then paste the "pictures" into Word to make a single document file.

If you're using a "generic" scanner program, you might try doing a "preview" before each "scan" and see if it will retain the previous scan(s). This is a common "this is a new page" code to many scanner programs. Otherwise, you're obvious option is to save each one before you scan the next - and paste them into Word (insert - picture - from file) to get them as a single multipage file. For most "inserts" into Word, jpg files work well and make somewhat smaller documents than tif or bmp pictures. (Theoretically, the latest Word cannot handle a single file over 32MB, but I've got several at >105MB or so that haven't crashed yet.