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Posted By: JohnInKansas
09-Jun-03 - 07:24 PM
Thread Name: Tech- Scan multiple pages to one file?
Subject: RE: BS: Tech- Scan multiple pages to one file?
Kat -

The simple answer to your original is to do a "Save As" instead of just save. This gives you the chance to put a new filename in the box. When you put the first filename in - something like "docPage001," you can highlight the new filenam right there in the box and do a Ctl-C to copy it.

Then when you Save-As the next scan, you just Ctl-V to paste the name in the box, and "roll" the last digit to "docPage002," etc.

If you have to place the pages on a scanner one at a time, the extra 3 or 4 seconds to do a previw before each scan isn't going to add that much to the time it takes to get your hundred pages scanned. If you don't have to have "real text" it doesn't really take long to paste 100 pages of images into Word, if you've set up your document margins to "take" the page size you're pasting.

If you really need OCR converted "real editable text," the time you'll need for all the corrections is probably going to be your biggest problem, whether you do single page or multiple page images - and I'd suggest doing it a very few pages at a time, simply because the corrections are a lot simpler that way.

Your print shop may scan your book for you, but they probably won't do the editing needed after conversion.