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Posted By: JohnInKansas
10-Jun-03 - 01:09 AM
Thread Name: Tech- Scan multiple pages to one file?
Subject: RE: BS: Tech- Scan multiple pages to one file?
If you "recognize" to Word, the procedure I've found most effective is:

(1) Remove all frames. You do this by getting your cursor into a frame and selecting "Format" "Text Box" "Remove Frame." After you remove the first frame, a "right arrow" will often move you directly to the next frame - but it's not guaranteed.

(2) Get rid of the soft hyphens that most OCRs use in place of line-wrapping. These are usually an ASCII 030 character, and you can do an "Edit" "Find" "Find ^030" Replace with "nothing - a blank box" and "Replace All."

(3) Select the whole document (Ctl A) and change everything to the same font and the same point size. (Some OCRs often read blemishes on the paper as very small letters.)

(4) Run your spell checker - or visually find the errors and fix them.

(5) Reformat however you want.