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10-Jun-03 - 01:20 PM
Thread Name: Unusual Festival
Subject: RE: Unusual Festival

One of the Chequegnat Festival organizers here.....glad to answer questions, especially since I am lobbying for a National Chequegnat Movement of neighbourhood concerts and festivals (to be followed by a national holiday, I hope :-) )

ALMOST EVERYTHING was volunteer...or I should say with no promise of anything back, with the exception of renting a bit of sound equipment.

For example, the compilation CD sold for $15 (and we gave a copy to each performer as a thank you). Of the $15, $2 was kept to pay for the media, jewel box and insert printing, and the rest is being distributed to the people who contributed tracks. So they will get a small payback (on the order of $20 per track). Bbut the performers who didn't participate were truly volunteering.

The donations that were collected first went to cover expenses (the BBQ food, flyers, programs, kids games). The sound guys donated their time and equipment, a local school lent us more, but we had to rent a bit (so a rental company made $60 from us). That left us with a bit of money, so we gave some of that (mostly in liquid form) as thank yous to major helpers, and will hold on to the rest as a hedge for next year. (Last year we lost $100 on the day).

EVERYBODY - DO IT!!!!! It's a great thing to do for your community!!

Thanks for asking!
Jack Cole

p.s. In case you are wondering who performs at something like this, for free....well, we start with some of our Song Circle people and the rest of the day is filled with REAL musicians :-) - names that Ontario folks might recognize like Margaret Christl, Debbie Carroll, Alison Lupton (last year), Nonie Crete (last 2 years), Paul MacLeod (of The Skydiggers), Tannis Slimmon, Jack Cooper, Matt Osborne, Mary Anne Epp, former members of Killiecrankie/Rathlin/Murphys. And they all tell us that they have a wonderful time!