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Posted By: Bassic
11-Jun-03 - 07:55 AM
Thread Name: Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings
Subject: Tech: Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings
I am in need of a new set of strings for my Fender Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar. Its a Fender BC32 NAT, at least thats what it says on the label! It has a 30.25 inch neck, (measured bridge to nut) and I play it almost exclusively unamplified in small(ish) pub sessions where it gives me just about enough volume to be noticed but not stand out, which is fine by me. Up to now I have used the strings that it was supplied with, (Fender I presume), and replaced broken strings with whatever I had laying around in the bottom of the instrument case. I want to try to get a set that is well matched to the guitar and my needs but experimentation gets expensive! I would like something that is kind to my fingers (flatwound?) cos I play with a strong right hand technique to get volume, but try to avoid using a pick to keep reasonable control of tone. Have played an ECO fitted with black Rotosound flatwound strings in the past which were nice but dont know which model of string they were so cant identify them in the web listings of string suppliers. Can anyone identify what they might be? Any other suggestions? Thanks in anticipation.