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Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Birch Tree (Russian)
Subject: DTADD: The Birch-Tree^^
Transliterated lyrics and translation of "The Birch Tree" are found HERE.

"The Birch Tree" (Traditional) sung by The Slavyanka Men's Slavic Chorus is HERE.


The birch-tree


Vo polye byeryoza stayala,
vo polye kudryavaya stayala,
lyuli, lyuli, stayala,
lyuli, lyuli, stayala.

On the field there stood a birch-tree,
on the field there stood the curly birch-tree,
Lyuli, Lyuli, there it stood.
Lyuli, Lyuli, there it stood.


Nyekomu byeryozu zalomati,
nyekomu kudryavu zashtshipati,
lyuli, lyuli, zalomati,
lyuli, lyuli, zashtshipati.

Nobody shall break down the birch-tree,
nobody shall tear out the curly birch-tree,
Lyuli, Lyuli, break down,
Lyuli, Lyuli, tear out.


Paidu ya v lyes, pagulyayu,
byeluyu byeryozu zalomayu,
lyuli, lyuli, pagulyayu,
lyuli, lyuli, zalomayu.

I will go into the forest, I will go,
I will fell a white birch-tree,
Lyuli, Lyuli, I will go,
Lyuli, Lyuli, I will fell.


Srezhu ya z byeryozyý tri prutotshka,
zdyelayu iz nyikh ya tri gudotshka,
lyuli, lyuli, tri prutotshka,
lyuli, lyuli, tri gudotshka.

I will cut off three little twigs from the birch-tree
and make three little pipes of them,
Lyuli, Lyuli, three little twigs,
Lyuli, Lyuli, three little pipes.


Tshetvertuyu balalaiku,
staromu dyedu na zabavku,
lyuli, lyuli, balalaiku,
lyuli, lyuli, na zabavku.

The fourth thing I make is a balalaika,
to make my old grandfather pleasure.
Lyuli, Lyuli, balalaika,
Lyuli, Lyuli, for pleasure.


Words and music: Russian folksong
       a as in "bar", e as in "bed", i as in "bid", o as in "bore", u as in "blue"
       y = as in "yellow" / ý = dull i, as in "bill"
       s = always voiceless, as in "son" / z = voiced, as in "zone"
       sh = voiceless, as in "mesh" / zh = voiced, like the s in "measure"
       kh = mostly rough, like the ch in Scotch "loch", but smooth when "e" or "i" follows
       a, e, i, o, u, y = the underlined vowel signifies the stressed syllable of a word.
Transcription and analogous translation: Kai Kracht
       This simple song obviously is very old and a good example, how laws and behaviour rules were learned by heart and handed down from generation to generation in illiterate societies in form of a song:
       The first two verses tell the law: The birch-tree on the clear field outside the village must not be touched! It obviously is - like the thor's oak of our germanic ancestors - a sacred place for holy rituals, judicial trials, and public meetings.
       The next verses tell the behaviour rule which is sung in the first person and sounds like a vow: Whenever I should need birch-wood, for a balalaika or pipes or anything else, I will go the long way to the forest and cut a birch-tree there.
       Lyuli, an old-slavic goddess of the earth which is well known from the famous song "Kalinka" and several other Russian folksongs, is invoked in each verse to be a guardian of this law and a witness of its fulfillment. So the law and the vow are sacred and provided with heavenly glory.
© Kai Kracht 2002

Lyrics copy-pasted from the link cited above.
-Joe Offer-