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Posted By: LadyJean
12-Jun-03 - 11:58 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 92
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 92
Dishes in the sink and clothes on the floor. I clear them away 'cause that's what I'm for.
Hair in the shower, and toothpaste in the sink, and some stuff in the fridge that's beginning to stink.
Cleaning lady's here, she's going to make it go away. Going to scrub your bathtub, that's how she earns her pay. She'll pick up your socks and she'll put away your shoes, and that's why cleaning ladies get the blues.
A good sponge mop will get a floor nice and clean. But I scrub it on my knees because someone's feeling mean.
Your problems are mine, it goes with the job. I know your husband is a drunken slob.
I catch a little hell 'cause you've had a bad day. I listen to your troubles, that's how I earn my pay. You think you have worries? Let me give you some news. And that's why cleaning ladies get the blues.

They've saved dishes for a week, now I get to wasn them all.
Scrub around the toilet, clean the cat barf in the hall.
End of the day, I'm glad to stop, but I know there's worse than having floors to mop.
The thing that troubles me, every day, is that you'll fire the cleaning lady, and I won't get my pay. I can't seem to win, but I don't dare lose, and that's why cleaning ladies get the blues.