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Posted By: bbelle
18-Jul-99 - 11:40 PM
Thread Name: Farewell to/Slan le Mudcat
Subject: RE: Farewell to/Slán le Mudcat
Martin ... I cannot pretend to understand how the armalite thread made you feel, however, I can say that I am a jew and there have been thread responses that caused me to shake my head in sadness and the wolfgang heil thing disgusts me. Most of the Mudcat community are more concerned with injustice and man's inhumanity to humanity than than to causing an individual to feel attacked.

I respect your decision to leave the Mudcat Forum, but, like the suicidal person who calls to tell someone they are going to commit suicide, I think your farewell is a plea to those who offended you to think a bit.

Sometimes it's difficult not to drop in to a thread, even though you know it's probably something you're going to find offensive. When that happens to me, I just click on the back button. I hope you will stick around. Opinions, however diverse, are needed. Of course, what is not needed, and which is sometimes offered under the cloak of opinion, is racism, vitriolic statements, general nastiness, etc. ... moonchild