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Posted By: Rick Fielding
19-Jul-99 - 02:23 AM
Thread Name: Our sense of humour? B/S
Subject: RE: Our sense of humour? B/S
OK, I'll comment on the political threads, since by now everyone knows my sense of humour could easily be called "Catspaw-lite", and there's no point belabouring that with more examples of obscure (in Canada) British comedians that I find hilarious.

Folks, we know (approximately) how many of us are hooked in various degrees on Mudcat. Don't you think it's a bit silly to get THIS upset because of three or four people with horrendously bad social skills, who are NOT regulars, and one self-designated shit disturber, who is perfectly nice for 4 to 5 weeks and then decides they'll shake things up, and watch with glee, while we trip all over ourselves with various censorship plans? If you don't believe me, check back in the forum and see how regular this is.
The situation in Ireland right now is a raw nerve (far more so (I Think) than even Quebec separation in Canada, and guns and abortion in the States, and naturally tempers flare. Without those occasional posters who WANT chaos though, the discussions would be heated but still civil. The rest of us KNOW that from previous threads. Anonymously re-freshing Cruel-Sister threads may be one way to deal with it - but God,I wish people didn't feel the need to be anonymous here. It's a very few semi-Mudcatters that are doing this, we really DO outnumber them a hundred to one. Why don't we try just laughing at them. Now THAT would be funny!