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Posted By: Auxiris
17-Jun-03 - 08:39 AM
Thread Name: BS: Much ado about cat flap
Subject: RE: BS: Much ado about cat flap
Still laughing about some of these suggestions! My heartfelt thanks to all. . . and you'll all no doubt be very happy to know that the two of them seem to be getting the idea now. I wouldn't say they're retarded, just. . . cautious. Poor Astor! After all, he's over 8 years old now and since we had the staircase taken out last year for two weeks while I painted the front hall which made it necessary for him to climb a ladder to go upstairs, he takes a dim view of anything new. Bauxita is only 3 and thus much more flexible, shall we say and isn't so disturbed by changes. There isn't much of a stray cat problem around the village and the door that the cat flap has been installed on is now an inside door since the mud room was built this year. However, I have duly taken note of the warning about uninvited cats. All the best!