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Posted By: Roger the zimmer
19-Jul-99 - 03:59 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Ballad of Bethnal Green (P Roberts)
Subject: RE: Still looking for Ballad of Bethnal Green
Now I know why I am still married after nearly 30 years !SHE remembers having an EP of Paddy Roberts, alas, long since swiped, she suspects, by a former roommate. However, being MUCH younger than me(as she always tells people), she has remembered more fragments:
Love isn't what it used to be
No siree
No asking papa permission to wed Love...

It's quite apparent that a parent
Is a dear old fashioned thing
He'll dwell for days on a liaison
That hasn't got a wedding ring

No shrinking violet too scared to say "Yes"
It's just grab a handfull and damn the finesse

And the wolf cub song:
When I was a wolf cub and you were a brownie
We always remembered our good turn each day
First it was your turn and then it was my turn
And life was so wonderful and carefree and gay
Follow me, follow me, tonight is the night of the Jamboree

When I was a wolf cub and you were a brownie
We did all the things a wolf cub and brownie should do
I wanted to be a Boy Scout so I could salute you
With three fingers vertical instead of just two
Follow me...

We'll go to the grotto and get slightly blotto
To hell with the motto
Just follow me.

Still some gaps to fill, but it's growing gradually!