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Posted By: Sourdough
19-Jul-99 - 05:15 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Crime of the D'Autremont Brothers
Subject: D'Autremont Bros. Train Robbery song search
I heard a song years ago about one of the last old-time train robberies, in the 1920s. The song was on a record that I loaned and lost. It was a simple song that told the story of this last robbery.

I looked for some information in the Postal Inspectors site and found this:

1926--Postal Inspectors successfully concluded a 3-1/2 year, worldwide manhunt for three train bandits known as the D'Autremont brothers. The brothers killed four men and blew up a mail car which they thought was carrying half a million dollars in gold.

I liked the song but I never felt connected to it until I read a little squib in the paper twenty or twenty five years ago that the last surviving brother had been released from prison and was teaching in a Sunday school in Washington State.

Does anyone know "the rest of the story" or where the song might be located?