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Posted By: wysiwyg
17-Jun-03 - 04:04 PM
Thread Name: Catter-Rich Communities
Subject: Catter-Rich Communities
Two of our local jam pals joined Mudcat this past week or so-- because they wanted the information and community here, more than due to my urging. I don't think we rival Hull just yet, but how many places are there that regularly see a good number of Mudcatters at music events? I would imagine the nunber is higher in the UK than North America, because things in the US are so spread out?


Greater Washington DC area (US)
Orillia (Canada)
Hull (UK)

I guess I'll dub ours LOCAL FOLKS since that's how we call our little baby folk organization when we promote jams and concerts.

Any other geographic clusters of Catters?

And were they pals first and then Catters, or Catters first who hooked up to become pals? Ours is a mix of both.

THANKS OWED: We owe a lot to Mmario for his persistence in coming to our place, from a distance one could decide is either too far or just close enough, and for his encouragement to me to build a local scene that now overlaps Mudcat quite nicely. We also owe Ed Vetter, a wonderful old guy who got Hardi and I started on jamming, and who still moves us forward by getting our band gigs we aren't really good enough for, so we have to keep practicing! (And you thought I was pushy!) :~)