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Posted By: smallpiper
20-Jun-03 - 04:33 AM
Thread Name: Death of Diversity?
Subject: Death of Diversity?
I was just looking out over the River Humber and pondering life (as one does) and it occurred to me that at practically all the sesion that I have been to in recent years one hears the same tunes being played. When I started going to sessions, some 30 years ago, every session was different. Different tunes, different styles and a very different combination of instruments. So as I was pondering life I was wondering what the cause of this convergence of musical styles and the (what would appear) limitation of tunes being played, could be.

Is it the internet and the availability of tunes or are people learning their musical repetoire from CD's - and from the more popular ones at that - so everyone is learning the same things or has anyone any other ideas as to why this has occurred.

Alternatively it could be just me!