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Posted By: JohnInKansas
20-Jun-03 - 06:31 AM
Thread Name: Death of Diversity?
Subject: RE: Death of Diversity?
"When I started going to sessions, some 30 years ago, every session was different."(?)

When I first encountered our local "Irish" group, it sounded like every session was different - as they never seemed to play anything with which I was familiar. When I finally got a copy of their "tunebook" so that I could connect titles and tunes, and learned a few, I found that they "always seem to play the same few tunes." With nearly 500 tunes in "the book," they still seem to always play the same dozen or so, and I suspect that was the case "back in the old days" when I just didn't recognize the tunes.

A dozen or so strangers is quite a bit to handle, when they're new to you; but a dozen familiar old friends doesn't seem like nearly enough.

It's called getting older(?)