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Posted By: Joe Offer
25-Jun-03 - 12:19 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Suit of Grey (Cyril Tawney)
Subject: DTADD: Suit of Grey (Cyril Tawney)^^
(Cyril Tawney)

I took a walk one September day
When I met a young man dressed in grey
A glaze of sadness was in his eye
I heard his grief as he passed me by

Oh, love is fine in the month of June
But the autumn winds come around too soon
They'll cool her heart like some devil's fan
And then you find you're a lonely man

When I wore the Navy blue
No girl on earth could I find as true
But now my suit's of the sober grey
Her love belongs to another day

She had those eyes that belong to queens
The sharpest blue that I've ever seen
Her hair was soft as the passing cloud
Her skin as pure as an angel's shroud

I know my pleas, they're no good at all ("bear no good at all" ?)
Just a summer breeze on a castle wall
Yet who can tell but some day I'll find
A window through to her changing mind

And now he walks down on the strand
A bunch of pebbles in his hand
Each time he casts one at the tide
He feels the pain of the way she lied

So, sailors all, if you'd have her true
Don't court your girl in the Navy blue
For when you change to the sober grey
You'll see her heart will turn the other way.

Transcribed from Cyril Tawney's "Navy Cuts" CD