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Posted By: Dave Bryant
26-Jun-03 - 05:33 AM
Thread Name: Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings
Subject: RE: Tech: Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings
If Bassic wanted to play amplified all the while, he'd have bought a solid electic bass. In most musicians sessions over here in the UK, amplified instruments tend to be considered a bit of a nuisance. Beside the fact that the volume is usually too high, the amp usually takes up room in a rather crowded bar with a mains lead for people to trip over. There's also the problem of having to lug an amp as well as a guitar around at festivals. I sometimes lend a very small battery amp to a friend of mine for his mandola, but that's usually so I can hear him over the melodeons. I once had the experience of having a bass guitarist (amplified) try to play along with a song which I was singing (deliberately) unaccompanied - I was not very polite at the time (sorry Fisheye - but don't do it again).

Mind you, Bassic played a 'cello at Knockholt and it sounded beautiful.