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Posted By: Les from Hull
26-Jun-03 - 09:40 AM
Thread Name: Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings
Subject: RE: Tech: Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings
On the subject of amplified/unamplified bass guitar - I used to carry a small battery amp (Peavey KB15) for the electric bass. That got some funny looks in sessions where people didn't know me. You can keep the sound down to the level of other instruments. Just because it's amplified doesn't mean it's loud. It would be no way as load as an upright bass.

An acoustic bass guitar played acoustically is fine in a small session, but tends to get lost the more instruments there are (esp guitars). That means that the bass guitarist ends up playing harder.

I remember those felt picks! But I do maintain that playing a bass guitar with a pick if like eating a toffee with the paper on - it's possible but it's not the best way! You can get a much better range of sounds with your fingers.

An amplified acoustic bass guitar sounds different to an amplified solid bass guitar. The amplification systems are different.