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Posted By: Joe Offer
26-Jun-03 - 12:54 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Pull for the Shore
Subject: RE: I'm looking for a song - Pull for the Shore
There are a couple of messages that refer to a song or hymn called "Pull for the Shore." I wonder if they're the same song.
-Joe Offer-

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Posted By: Turtle

23-May-00 - 12:52 PM

Thread Name: Funeral Tunes, songs that heal

Subject: RE: Funeral Tunes, songs that heal

How about "Pull for the Shore"?

"Pull for the shore, sailor, pull for the shore
Heed not the rolling waves but bend to the oar
Trust in the lifeboat sailor cling to self no more
Leave the poor old stranded wreck and pull for the shore"

And the last verse, my favorite:

"Bright gleams the morning sailor uplift the eye
Clouds and darkness disappearing glory is nigh
Safe in the lifeboat sailor sing forever more
Glory glory hallelujah pull for the shore"

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Posted By: Skipper Jack

30-Sep-00 - 03:42 PM

Thread Name: Lyr Add: THE LADY MARIA

Subject: RE: Lyr Add: THE LADY MARIA

Thank you "GUEST" for putting "The Lady Maria" on to the MUDCAT Cafe list.

Baggyrinkle (Swansea Shantymen)have recently added the song "Pull for the Shore" to their repertoire.
There's a difference of opinion on the words in the first verse.

Can anyone out there settle the argument? Some sources refer to the second line as: